viernes, 26 de diciembre de 2008

Rejected subjects

For greater clarity, here are the rejected subjects, no matter how well executed, even if perfectly:

1. History painting, prosaic and from a textbook like Delaroche;
2. Patriotic and military painting, such as by Meissonier, Neuville, Detaille;
3. All representations of contemporary, private or public life;
4. The portrait -except if it is not datable by costume and achieves style;
5. All rustic scenes;
6. All landscapes, except those composed in the manner of Poussin;
7. Seascape; sailors;
8. All humorous things;
9. Merely picturesque Orientalism;
10. All domestic animals and those relating to sport;
11. Flowers, still-life, fruits, accessories and other exercises that painters ordinarily have the effrontery to exhibit.

Extracto de las normas redactadas por Joséphin Péladan para el Salon de la Rose+Croix. En: Edward Lucie-Smith, Symbolist Art. Thames and Hudson, 1997. p.111.